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FAQ: Space Weed Cannabis Genetics R&D Home Grow Cannabis Crowd Sourcing Program

Space Weed Home Grow Cannabis Genetic Crowd Sourcing Program
Space Weed Home Grow Cannabis Genetic Crowd Sourcing Program

Q: What is the Space Weed Home Grow Genetic Crowdsource Program?

A: The Space Weed Home Grow Genetic Crowdsource Program is a collaborative initiative that involves Space Weed, a cannabis brand, working with home cannabis growers to identify the best genetics for the flash-frozen curing technology used by Space Weed. This method aims to preserve cannabis in its freshest state, maintain higher terpene levels, and provide a smoother smoking experience.

Q: What is unique about Space Weed's flash-frozen curing process?

A: Space Weed's flash-frozen curing or flat-frozen cured process uses sublimation to rapidly extract moisture from cannabis flower within hours as opposed to the traditional method that takes days. This results in terpene and cannabinoid preservation, lower water weight in the final product, and reduced harshness when smoking.

Q: How does the sublimation process work?

A: Sublimation involves converting water from a solid (ice) directly into a gas, skipping the liquid phase. This is achieved by freezing the water and then heating it up just enough to vaporize it, followed by removing the vapor through a low-pressure vacuum as part of the freeze-drying process.

Q: Why is genetics important for Space weed's process?

A: The selection of the right genetics is crucial for showcasing Space Weed's drying technology effectively. Certain genetics are more suited to undergoing the flash-frozen curing process and can better highlight the unique benefits of the method.

Q: What role do home growers play in the program?

A: Home cannabis growers are being invited to collaborate with Space Weed in a crowdsourced effort to discover the best genetics for the flash-frozen curing process. Their experience and the variety they offer in small batches are valuable for research and development.

Space Weed Home Grow Cannabis Genetic Crowd Sourcing Program
Space Weed Home Grow Cannabis Genetic Crowd Sourcing Program

Q: How will the harvested crops be processed?

A: Harvested crops can be brought to a participating facility—such as Money Tree Genetics, owned by Tom, a partner in Chicago—where growers can use Space Weed's proprietary machines to dry their product. This service is offered free of charge to participating growers for evaluation.

Q: What is the expected outcome for growers who provide successful genetics?

A: Growers who contribute genetics that effectively showcase Space Weed technology may enter into partnerships or collaborations with Space Weed. There is an opportunity for heavy marketing and promotion of their products, as Space Weed serves as a collaboration platform.

Q: What long-term goals does Space Weed have for the program?

A: Space Weed aims to create a global network of home growers, referred to as the "Space Cadet Army," to continuously research and develop the best genetics for the brand. The goal is to establish multiple facilities worldwide where growers can bring their harvest to be processed and assessed.

Q: What is the incentive for home growers to participate in the program?

A: The program offers home growers the chance to contribute to the development of a cutting-edge cannabis curing technology, potentially turning successful growers into professional ones, obtaining greater exposure, and being part of a groundbreaking research community.

Q: How is Space Weed changing the cannabis market?

A: Space Weed is introducing a new category of cannabis flower products through its flash-frozen curing technology, creating an alternative to traditional hang-dried products. With its focus on R&D and collaboration, Space Weed aims to set a new standard in cannabis quality and is actively involving the home grower community in this effort.


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