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Vendor Managed Inventory

Let's learn more about Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI for short.


Space Weed is Different, that’s why we’ve put together a budtender training program and our space cadet consumer education program. But why does that difference matter to you at the dispensary?


The Space Weed Flash Frozen Cured process is so fast that we can typically go from harvest to shelf within days, in fact we often "cure to order". Amazing right?

Well, this also means that if you don't see a strain on our menu, we can usually get it to you within days of your order. How is this possible?

Space Weed is able to source and cure flower from a variety of growers in our network. Truly custom orders!

However, since our flower moves so fast, our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) partners get prioritized access to our product, so some of our most popular products don’t even make it onto our digital storefront!


So, don't be afraid to reach out if you want something you don't see. Alternatively, you can join our VMI program! We use your sales data and our shelf algorithms to bring you items that are guaranteed to move off your shelves.

  • You maintain ultimate control! We know there’s a trust-building period and we will work with you to design the perfect system for your store.

  • You will never be stuck with slow-turning items. We’ll move it off your shelf!  Options include discounting the product, exchanging the product, or just a straight-up return.

  • First access to ‘co-labs’, limited edition releases, and exclusive drops.

  • Reduction of overstocks or shortages.

  • Optimized stock for increasing your sales.


Ultimately, there’s less on your plate by reducing admin work so you can focus on other areas.

Water Samples
Here's How Our VMI Works

We use GrowFlow and TopShelf Data

  • We request access to your sales through TopShelf Data.

  • Your store's budtenders take our Budtender Certification Course on to achieve a better understanding of our unique product and earn educational samples and swag.

  • Based on your data, we put together an order and safety stock levels for you to approve.

  • We check inventory levels in your store weekly to optimize your shelf assortment.

  • We schedule a conversation to review the program after the first month and then at agreed intervals after that.

If you're interested in integrating our VMI at your store, submit the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks! Or you can always call Eric at (360) 820-3866 or Chris at (360) 398-3987 

Space Weed VMI Application

Thanks for submitting!

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