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Our flower is different from other brands because it's Flash Frozen Cured, resulting in bud with preserved terpene profiles and potency. Our process also removes any pests resident on the plant after harvest and prevents mold from forming. Removing excess moisture also gives our flower a unique, soft texture, making it easy and fun to break apart; no grinder necessary!



Our space cones are filled with pre-ground flower. Since our flower has less water content, you won't have to worry about excessive coughing when you take a hit from a space cone. Plus, less water content also means that a 1/2 gram space cone looks like a full gram joint from any other brand. We literally give you more bud for your buck.


Coming Soon!

Flower Capsules

Our flower capsules come in two varieties: activated and raw. Activated capsules are comparable to edibles as far as effects go. Raw capsules are non-psychoactive and have their own health benefits as a daily natural supplement. Both versions are free of chemical solvents, sugar, and other additives, making them a healthier alternative to other edibles.

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