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Do you want to be a part of the Space Weed Revolution?

our cannabis flowers and plants. high qu

Since cannabis was legalized in Washington, we have been developing, testing, tweaking, and iterating the Space Weed product. Now consumers ask for it by name.

The US patent office has granted us a patent for our process. This is one of the first cannabis-specific patents granted at the federal level.

Our education programs are getting out-of-this-world traction with BudTenders and buyers alike!

Our Space Academy educates consumers and we are working toward developing a space for our strong community of users on our site. 


We have also developed a BudTender specific education and loyalty program, which helps us connect with our front line at the dispensaries.

work flow_edited_edited.jpg

Our branding and products are proven in the market. Our process is patent protected.


Now is your chance to join our family and be a part of the Space Weed Revolution.

If you are interested in investing or purchasing a Space Weed franchise,

click the button below.

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