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What is Flash Frozen Cured?

Flash Frozen Cured

Flash Frozen Curing is a patented scientific method whereby fresh cannabis is flash frozen and then dried under vacuum using 

temperature, time, and pressure. No solvents or chemicals are ever used.

The Benefits

The Benefits


longer shelf life

Space Weed maintains its "just picked off the plant" qualities for years. This means bigger and greener buds~with preserved terpene profiles and potency.



no dangerous mold

Flash Frozen Curing destroys microbes and pests that may still be alive on the plant after harvest. Plus Space Weed is moisture-free, so mold won't grow back!



no coughing

Since water conducts heat, normal weed tends to burn the throat and lungs. Space Weed burns smoother since the moisture is removed during Flash Frozen Curing. It is also the perfect bud for vaping.



no grinder needed

Space Weed has a uniquely soft texture which makes it super easy and fun to break apart. It is the perfect bud to roll up on the go~ no muss, no fuss!

more bud comparison-whitebg-nologo.jpg


less H20 content

Flash Frozen Curing removes excess moisture from the bud. Since water is so heavy, Space Weed has twice the volume of normal weed. That's a great deal~quit paying for water weight!

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